Sunday 7PM- 8PM Serenity Sunday (Format: Meditation & Sharing on whatever or the 11th step)


Monday 12PM - 1PM Literature Discussion

Monday 7PM - 8PM 1,2,3 Cha Cha Cha (Format: Steps 1,2, & 3) 


Tuesday 12PM - 1PM e-Topic Sticks

Tuesday 7PM - 8PM Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday (Format: IP Reading & Discussion)


Wednesday 12PM - 1PM Just For Today

Wednesday 7PM - 8PM Speaker/Discussion


Thursday 12PM - 1PM Living Clean

Thursday 7PM - 8PM Just for Today


Friday 12PM - 1PM Speaker Discussion

Friday  7PM - 8PM  e-Topic Sticks 


Saturday 7PM - 8PM  Literature Discussion


Other meetings sharing the Sonoma Online NA Group site

Monday  8PM - 9PM Night Light (Format:  Just for Today) 

Thursday 8PM - 9PM Sleeping Tigers (Format: Speaker/Discussion)  pw:5683

Saturday 9AM - 10AM Morning Miracle 


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Daily 7PM - 8PM 

Join @6:45

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Call in *67 1 669 900 6833 Mtg Meeting ID: 215 310 190